Internet Essentials Donation

Help low-income families get access to the Internet. Only $10 provides a family with an Internet connection for an entire month.

Goal: $5,000



Thousands families in Millcreek are unable to afford access to the Internet, which affects both employment opportunities and the ability of their children to do schoolwork. The Millcreek Promise Program and Comcast have teamed up to help families in need get connected to the Internet. Internet access helps people connect to jobs, domestic violence resources, and life saving news.

Comcast has created a subsidized Internet service package enabling qualified, low-income families to purchase a high-speed Internet connection for $10/month. Donations to this project allow qualified, low-income families to pay the balance of that internet connection for free.

About Millcreek Promise Program
The Millcreek Promise Program assists unemployed/underemployed and supports local schools to maximize the academic success of students.


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