Little Free Library Sponsorship


Your purchase of a Little Free Library supports literacy throughout Millcreek City. Your corporate name/logo will be featured prominently on the library.



Canyon Rim is Community is partnering with Millcreek City’s Promise Program and the Millcreek Business Council to promote literacy within Millcreek City. By sponsoring a Little Free Library, you’ll provide the means for volunteers of the Canyon Rim Cares Day of Service to assemble and decorate the library. More importantly, as the libraries are used throughout the city, you contribute to improved literacy among Millcreek’s residents.

Your company name/logo will be featured prominently on the library.

Once the libraries are assembled and decorated, the libraries will be placed in underrepresented Millcreek Promise neighborhoods. If you would like a library in your neighborhood, or in a particular location, please let us know.


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