Letters/Gifts for Local Seniors

Letters/Gifts for Seniors

Goal: 400 Letters/400 Gifts



Service Project: Letters/Gifts for Millcreek’s Seniors

There are hundreds of full-time residents of assisted living centers in Millcreek, many have experienced extreme loneliness during the pandemic. Volunteers will write a short letter to show love and compassion to residents of Millcreek’s assisted living centers. Volunteers may also donate new or gently used puzzle books (i.e. sudoku, crossword, puzzle, etc.) to provide a gift to accompany each letter. Cash donations will be used to purchase additional puzzle books.

Donations Needed for Project

  • Cash* ($1,000 goal)
  • 400 Letters to Seniors
  • 400 Puzzle Books (e.g. Sudoku, Crossword, etc.)

*All donations are tax deductible


About Millcreek City’s Business Council

The Millcreek Business Council supports the growth and retention of businesses in Millcreek. It also sponsors periodic service projects to benefit the community.

Your Cash Donation Will Purchase:

Puzzles & Puzzle Books

  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Sudoku Books
  • Puzzles



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