Canyon Rim Symposia Series

Entertain, Educate, Inspire

The Canyon Rim Symposia Series is a quarterly (mostly) event in which a presentation is given about a topic of general interest. From astronauts and scientists to authors and adventurers, the symposia series brings the Canyon Rim neighborhood a family friendly activity with content that is entertaining, educational and inspiring.

Held May 2021


Canyon Rim


Carnegie Hall

How Diana Walker Nev Went From Eldin Dr. all the Way to Broadway

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Previous Symposium

Everest x2

Jeff Rhoads

1 Week | 2 Summits

Given May 9, 7 PM

3015 South 2900 East*


Given July 26, 2018

The impact of the individual

Dean McGovern

Executive Director, Bennion Community Service Center, University of Utah


Given May 10, 2018

In the Garden with the Agronomist & the Hobbyist

Veldon Sorenson and Coy Clawson


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