Maliheh Free Clinic

Snack Drive for Voluteers, Facility Clean Up

Goals: Snacks for a Year, 50 Volunteers


Help Those Helping Others

Maliheh Free Clinic is a medical clinic that provides primary care medical services to individuals at no cost. Many people throughout the community cannot afford primary health care. As a result of COVID, Maliheh Free Clinic seen a significant increase in patients needing health care services.

Service Project Overview

snacks for volunteers

All medical personnel volunteer their time to assist patients of the clinic. We’ll collect individually packaged snacks (granola bars, chips, etc.) to help them help their patients.

facility clean up

Volunteers will provide a deep cleaning of Maliheh’s facility, including the reception areas, treatment rooms and exterior grounds.

Donations Needed for Projects

  • Individually Packaged Snacks (granola bars, chips, etc.)
  • 50 Volunteers to Assist with Facility Clean Up