Community Animal Welfare Society

Toys for Foster Animals / Dog Adoption

Goal: 100 Toys / All Dogs Adopted

Service Project #1: Toys for Foster Animals

Volunteers will use strips of disgarded clothing to create toys for fotster animals.

Service Project #2: Foster/Adoption Event

Help keep dogs from being euthanized by participating in a foster/adoption event. We’ll have dogs available for fostering and/or adoption on hand at Canyon Rim Cares.

About Community Animal Welfare Society

CAWS is a volunteer and foster-based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to work with the community to help animals. Their rescue, foster, education, and adoption programs help animals whose time is up at shelters, those who are abandoned, and as our resources allow, those whom their owners can no longer keep. CAWS are committed to saving the animals who are often overlooked at local shelters. They have rescued and adopted over one thousand dogs and cats from shelters throughout the state of Utah every year since 2015.



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