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The Millcreek Promise Program works with residents, schools, nonprofits, and businesses to maximize the academic success of Millcreek students.



The Millcreek Promise Program is a unique collaboration with United Way of Salt Lake, our promise executive team, leadership committee, subcommittee members, residents, volunteers, and many additional partners who mobilize and support the success of Millcreek youth and families through specific promises:


  1. Education: All Millcreek youth have the support to maximize academic success on their path to high school graduation and post-secondary education.
  2. Health & Safety: All Millcreek residents have access to health and safety services and resources.
  3. Economic Well-Being:

All Millcreek residents have the opportunities to provide a high quality of life for themselves and their families.

The Millcreek Promise mission is to mobilize and support Millcreek residents to build community, bridge divides, and lift all boats.

Millcreek Promise will achieve its mission through mobilizing stakeholders to make a collective impact and to improve the community in the areas of safety, health, education, and economic wellbeing. The Millcreek Promise Program will support current programs, create programs and services where there are gaps, and provide resources for residents.

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